Formation - Improve your contract drafting skills

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A legal English workshop

Les Objectifs

  • Acquire English vocabulary to negociate a contract
  • Write clauses in English
  • Translate French and restate contractual clauses in English

1. Essential contract law notions

  • Contract formation
  • Notion of misrepresentation
  • Conditions and warranties and innominate terms

2. Contract drafting guidelines

  • Legal English drafting rules: clarity, accuracy, consistency, completeness, exactness
  • Identifying and understanding legalese
  • Practice exercise
  • Structure of a contract
    • title, introductory paragraph
    • preamble (recital)
    • definitions
    • operative clauses (including consideration, conditions and closing, representations, warranties, covenants, indemnities and guaranties)
    • schedules / appendices

3. International Contract terms

  • Definitions
    • best efforts
    • material adverse effect
    • others
  • Specific clauses of english contracts
    • consideration
    • time of the essence
    • representations and warranties
    • liquidated damages
    • limitation of liability
  • Practice exercise
  • Standard provisions ("boilerplate" clauses)
    • entire Agreement
    • force Majeure
    • choice of law / forum
    • assignment and third party rights
  • Practice exercise
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Annoushka CHAILLET

French and American lawyer practicing business law in Paris,...

  • Une formation sous forme de workshop très opérationnel
  • Des excerices de rédaction de clauses de contrats internationaux
  • Une formation en anglais
    • Directeur ou collaborateur d'un service juridique
    • juriste
    • avocat
    • Directeur de département / Business Unit
    • Toute personne appelée à mener rédiger des contrats en anglais

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