Formation - Legal English for contracts: drafting & negotiation skills

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Anglais des contrats : rédaction et négociation

Les Objectifs

  • Understand key contract notions and avoid confusion with similar French terms
  • Increase legal vocabulary to draft english contracts clearly
  • Acquire new oral communication skills: learn and practice negotiating in English
  • Maîtriser l'anglais des contrats
  • Améliorer sa pratique de la négociation et de la rédaction de contrats dans un contexte international (Common Law,...)

1. Achieve precision: master key notions and specific vocabulary of an International contract

  • Forming enforceable contracts: understanding common law notions pertaining to contract validity and the differences with French law
  • Understanding the impact of privity of contracts, how it compares Common Law with the French notion of "Effet relatif des contrats" and how it should impact contract drafting in English
  • Remedies : understanding damages (liquidated, consequential, expectation, general, reliance, restitution and punitive damages) in order to control the risks and consequences of a breach

2. Increase effectiveness: understand the structure and content of standard commercial contracts

  • Overview of the structure of standard commercial contracts
  • Study of standard contract clauses (e.g., consideration, representations and warranties, exclusion/limitation of liability, liquidated damages, confidentiality, and termination)

3. Draft contracts with efficiency and clarity of meaning

  • Incorporating instructions and references to precedents and legislation (French Law, Common Law,...)
  • Specific contract drafting techniques (e.g., use of active voice, expressing obligation, and conciseness)
  • Practice : drafting different provisions of a commercial contract

4. Lead successful international contract negotiations in English

  • Oral communication techniques (e.g., giving proper emphasis, using repetition, paraphrasing, making conditional offers, and speaking persuasively)
  • Understanding the different negotiation styles and how they differ from the French style
  • Practicing specific negotiation techniques for international contracts (e.g., knowing and expressing your objectives, negotiating expressions, information gathering, bargaining and compromising efficiently)
  • Practice : negotiating a commercial contract in english
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Annoushka CHAILLET

French and American lawyer practicing business law in Paris,...

  • Une formation uniquement en Anglais pour obtenir les vocabulaires spécifiques au droit anglais et américain (pratique dans le Common Law)
  • Une formation opérationnel avec des cas pratiques sur des contrats internationaux en anglais
    • Directeur ou collaborateur d'un service juridique
    • Juriste
    • Avocat
    • Directeur de département / Business Unit
    • Toute personne appelée à mener des négociations ou rédiger des contrats en anglais

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